Lessons from my first marathon

Hey RunfromtheHEART family!

We completed our 1st marathon! Thank you so much for your love, support and money to raise money for The HEART program!

I want to share my learnings of my first marathon from a running and life perspective.



  • The veterans told me to start slow: they were RIGHT
  • If you’re running in a different region: get a good couple of runs in before hand to adapt to the climate and terrain
  • Don’t run other peoples race although running with people can be good (Know yourself, everyone is running for different reasons and paces)
  • Make sure you have a solid poop before you run! (No seriously)
  • Know the course and drive it before if possible
  • Rest is KEY because it will take everything out of you. I burned almost 3,000 calories
  • Running light is right. Load up on food before but be careful 😉

Life Lessons

  • Focus on where you’re at (Be present)
  • Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance (Or blowing up in a race but that’s running life it happens)
  • Aim at a distance/ goal you can see in front of you and keep extending it when you’re tired. (SMART goals basically)
  • Take it day by day/ mile by mile/ checkpoints. (Doesn’t make the mountain/marathon seem as daunting)
  • Don’t panic when things don’t go as planned just adapt and see how you can get to the main goal (for me it was finishing my first marathon 1 hour and a half behind my goal time)
  • Dream BIG! (You’re running a marathon for goodness sakes!)
  • NEVER GIVE UP!!! (You are built for this life!)
Me hours after I died and came back to life.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned! Next marathon will be announced soon!

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Joshua C. Taylor

Let’s RunfromtheHEART together

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